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Contact Refined Design today to see how home staging can work for you.


1. Online Appeal
Over 98% of potential home buyers and vacationers look online when shopping for a home or planning a trip.  In many cases, whether they see your location or not will ultimately depend on the caliber of photos displayed.


2. Control the eye of the buyer or vacationer
Professional home staging and styling controls the buyers eye when previewing a home or vacation rental.  We help to give each room a wow factor that will speak to a potential buyer’s imagination and maximize your vacation rental income.


3. It feels expensive
Homes and Vacation Properties that are professionally staged and styled feel up to date.  This is because everything is fresh and current with today’s trends, design and decor.  Buyers and Vacationers often place more value on a home or rental property that is well-put together.


4. It can produce better offers and generate greater rental income
Owners of styled properties appear to be more “invested” in their homes. Buyers are less likely to make a very low offer. Faster sale times minimize the price reductions – ultimately saving owners thousands of dollars.  Vacationers want to stay in a property that doesn’t look worn and tired.  They will choose the space that is well groomed and most inviting for their stay and often commit to future trips.  This provides them with the assurance of the perfect home for their next stay and the owner with a certainty of future rental income.


5. Faster sales and more rentals
Statistics show that staged homes and styled properties sell and rent 78% faster than non-styled properties and for approximately 3% more!!!

Ready to start the home staging process?

Home staging can play a vital role in selling your home or renting your vacation property.  Let Refined Design show you how you can benefit today.

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