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Contact Refined Design today to see how home staging can work for you.

For the individual that wants to personally take on the task of home staging or vacation rental spruce, we offer a professional consultation to map out next steps and this can be completed within the owners’ timeline.

For homeowners, everyone’s home is unique to their own personal taste and the interior of that space can be a reflection of who we are with memorabilia, keepsakes or a specific creative flare.  For vacation rental owners, the home or condo is a major investment and intended to generate income.  The idea for either type of property is to create an environment that is inviting by offering a clean palate, from the viewpoint of all potential buyers and renters.

While the steps of where to begin can be daunting, Refined Design will streamline the process for you.  This starts with a preview of the interior and exterior of your home and ends with a simple checklist to follow.

Within 48 hours of the initial preview of your home or vacation rental, Refined Design’s personal consultation offers a written assessment of current state and how to facilitate a change for greater appeal. This will include a list of what needs to be accomplished, in prioritized order, making the task of home staging easy and manageable.

Our Consultation is based on a flat fee.  If you have selected this approach but ultimately wish to have our team assist you with our “Hands-On” service, this fee may be applied toward any associated costs.


Consultation Fees

  • 500SF  – 1100SF
  • 1100SF – 1750SF    
  • 1750SF – 2500SF    
  • 2500SF – 3200SF    
  • 3200SF – 4000SF    
  • 4000SF – 4750SF    
  • 4750SF – 5500SF    
  • 5500SF – 6250SF    
  • 6250SF – 7000SF    
  • 7000SF – 8300SF    




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