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As a real estate agent, I list many properties that could benefit from some type of home staging, yet this can often be a challenging effort to communicate this to a seller.  Kelly has been extremely helpful with her ability to guide my clients through the process of getting their home market ready and the results have been phenomenal.

I initially resisted my realtor's recommendation to have my house staged but after it was on the market for five months with lots of lookers but no offers, I changed my mind.  I am so glad I did! Within two weeks after Kelly brought life to my house with her staging, I had a great offer!  She knew exactly what it needed and it was not nearly as costly as I thought it would money I ever spent! Thank you, Kelly!!!

I was in the process of putting my home on the market and thought that it looked just fine until my realtor suggested that I meet with a home staging expert.  What I learned is that, while the interior of my home was exceptionally beautiful, it needed to exude a different appeal so that a potential buyer could see beyond my personal touch and visualize the space as their future home.  Kelly helped me to attain the goal of opening up the living area with just a few furniture adjustments and she helped me to remove what can be seen as clutter to showcase less of a lived-in look and feel.  Additionally, she re-purposed the junk room which added value and ultimately feature it's unlimited uses.  With this, my home received exceptional feedback and we closed 7 weeks after listing.

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